Visitor Information



Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. is visiting  Östgötaporten, Ektorpsgatan 1 in Norrköping. A visit to the exhibition takes about 1 - 3 hours and you will have the chance to bring memories home after a visit to the souvenir shop. There you can also plan for a coffee break in connection to your visit. For more information ahead of your visit please see below.


Opening hours

Monday through Friday 12:00 – last entry 18:30 

Saturday through Sunday 10:00 - last entry 18:30

The store is open until 20:00.


The exhibition is closed monday aug 27th.

Ticket prices

Save up to 30% 

  • Offer: child 0-2 yo: 0 SEK
  • Offer: child 3-12 yo: 179 SEK (Regular 229 SEK)
  • Offer: child adult: 179 SEK (Regular 249 SEK)
  • Open ticket, child 0-2 yo: 0 SEK
  • Open ticket, child 3-12 yo: 249 SEK
  • Open ticket, adult: 269 SEK

Get here

Visiting address: Ektorpsgatan 1, 603 37 Norrköping


Norrköping City offers many parking opportunities to exhibition visitors. Close to Östgötaporten, Norrköping City is only a few minutes’ walk away.

Mirum galleria is a good alternative to the inner city parking. There you have access to free parking and can easily get to the city center and the exhibition at Östgötaporten by one of the city’s unique trams.


Can I pay with cash at the exhibition?

Yes, you can pay with cash, credit and debit card.

Is there parking available?

Yes, there are multiple parking possibilities available in the area around Östgötaporten and in Norrköping City. Parking information

Can I change the slot time for my entrance ticket?

No, if you wish to be flexible, please purchase an Open ticket. Contact our Tourist Center 011-155000 or [email protected]

Is the exhibition accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, the exhibition is adapted to fit anyone and everyone. Assistants who can present an assistant certificate pay no admission.

Can I buy tickets at the exhibition or do I need to buy tickets in advance?

Yes, you can buy your tickets at the exhibition. However, we recommend that you buy your ticket in advance in order to guarantee your ticket and skip any possible ticket lines. Buy Ticket

Are there possibilities to eat/drink during my visit?

In connection to the exhibition souvenir shop there is a café where you are able to grab a cup of coffee and rest before or after your visit.

How do the different tickets work?

There are two different types of tickets to buy before your visit. The open ticket and the Entrance ticket. The open ticket (earlier prepaid ticket) is a ticket voucher which has no specific set time or date. The date and time of your visit is decided at a later time when you use the voucher and the promotion code in order to buy your entrance ticket. The benefit of an open ticket is the flexibility of deciding the date and time for your visit at a later date. The entrance ticket is a date and time specific ticket which allows you to enter the exhibition at a specific slot time. Buy Ticket

What is a slot time?

Your slot time is the time when you will be let into the exhibition.

How does a visit work?

You will be welcomed into our grand entrance hall. Our 'Agents' will guide you throughout the exhibition.

Do I need to arrive at the exhibition prior to my slot time?

Your slot time indicates the time when you need to have arrived at the exhibition. If you would like to check out the souvenir shop or have a cup of coffee prior to your visit we recommend getting there earlier.

Can I take photos during my visit at the exhibition?

Yes, you are allowed to take photos inside the exhibition, however strictly without using the flash.

Are there restrooms available at the exhibition?

Yes, there are restrooms by the entrance to the exhibition.

When does the last slot time enter the exhibition?

The last slot time is admitted at 18.40 every day. Opening hours

Can I buy a gift card to the exhibition?

To buy a ticket without a set date or time we recommend an open ticket. This works as a gift voucher and is used to buy an entrance ticket by providing the promo code on the open ticket. The open ticket is valid throughout the entire period of the exhibition. Buy Ticket

How are my tickets delivered?

Tickets bought online are sent via email to the email address entered at the purchase. You can also pick up your tickets at the Tourist Center or at the exhibition.

How long is the souvenir shop open?

The souvenir shop is open daily until 20:00.